TJ's Restaurant Paignton Harbour

Owner Chef Heather, with the help of Chef Andrew, pride themselves on having a unique menu structure; with our Tapas style menu consisting of over 25 smaller portion dishes that can be ordered individually as a starter or in multiples to provide a complete meal - a very social and interactive style of dining, promoting lively debate between couples, families or groups until a compromise is reached concluding with everyones preferences.

We also have our available our 'One Plate' options for those who just love a Traditional Plate of freshly cooked, locally sourced when ever possible, beautifully presented food.

Our 'Tapas Banquet' menu is for 2 or more and provides a delicious variety of dishes that we feel work best together, but can be altered if required. It is incredible value for money and is a great way for everyone to just enjoy a relaxed evening and not worry about choosing on the night.


Tapas Style Menu • Tapas Banquet Menu

Tapas, fresh seafood and local produce at Paignton Harbour restaurant TJ's

 'TJ's One Plate Options'

Lovingly prepared to order, our daily fish is landed at Brixham, our meat is from local quality butcher 'Gibbins' and our vegetables are from quality local greengocers 'Chalices'. We always use suppliers of local produce and thereby ensure the quality and flavours and maintain the standards we feel proud to serve you, whilst supporting our local economy.

We always have a Vegetarian 'One Plate' and ample Vegetarian choices on the Tapas menu.

As we prepare the majority of dishes ourselves and cook to order, a large percentage of our dishes are Gluten Free....... for Lactose Free/Dairy Free and other dietary requirements please ask, we will always do our best to adapt existing dishes or if known in advance can create something special for you.

We are confident that the combination of dishes we offer can provide something exciting for everyone.